It has been over 6 months since we first had the idea to work on an app that could bring children closer to art in a simple and recreational way.

So many hours spent looking at paintings and artists, and finding a way to tell about them! If we rapidly rewinded  the images of those months, it would be like visiting many museums in just few minutes!

We finally have had our test bench. More than one bench, to be precise. We're talking of the pupils'school benches of the elementary school Thouar-Gonzaga in Milan. The first to test PlayART!

At 8.30, when the bell rung, we were ready. At the sight of our iPads the children got closer with curiosity. After a brief presentation by the teachers, Monica and Valeria, it was time to get to work! In turn all the children played and created their own painting. PlayART came to life in front of our eyes: a celebration of lillies, sunflowers, irises and more, and then fruit baskets, exotic plants and animals, and eyes watching over a fairyland.

The children's enthusiasm has gone well beyond our expectations. The experience has proved PlayART to be a valuable educational tool, also confirmed by the teachers, which stimulates chidren’s creativity through a a simple and engaging game of composition.

We went back to our office, filled with memories of the children’s laughters and words, and the ipad full of their paintings and imagination.

There’s still work to be done. Meanwhile, a big “thank you” to the teachers and the children of the classes 2B and 4B of the elementary school Thouar-Gonzaga for having played with us!