From left Marcella Menozzi e Meike Clarelli

For those who missed their last performance at the Umbria Folk Festival, we’re very proud to dedicate a post to the band La Metralli, PlayART’s musical soul. Here’s the story of how the lucky encounter came about.

It was the month of May...

Ita all started in a bar in Modena, on a sunny day in May. Sat at the table before us were Marcella Menozzi and Meike Clarelli, respectively voice/author and guitar player of the band La Metralli. Before that day, it was enough for us to listen to “Un niente di felicità” to be seduced by the powerful alchemy of their music and the voice of Meike. They can’t be labelled in any way, their sound is a perfect balance of different musical genres skillfully interpreted.

That’s when we decided to ask them to compose the music for Tapook’ second app, PlayART. A cheerful folk-gipsy song with the charm of the music of Django Reinhardt.

The birth of PlayART’s tune

Just after few weeks, and although a series of disastrous earthquakes which forced part of the band out of their homes for days, we could listen to the song’s first version. The upbeat rhythm was exactly what we were looking for, but we wanted a more lively melody.  Then the exciting moment came, few days later, during a video chat between Milan and Modena, with the whole band working on the final version right in front of our eyes.

Delighted, we cheered, happy to have witnessed the birth of the music for PlayART: an original and catchy tune which opens the app and makes you smile straight away. We took an instant liking to the melody and the irresistible sound of the kazoo. The finishing touch, all thanks to La Metralli’s incredible talent, which makes PlayART truly unique.

Who are La Metralli?

From left, Meike Clarelli, Marcella Menozzi, Matteo Colombini e Serena Fasulo

To begin with there were Meike Clarelli, singer and author and Matteo Colombini, author and guitar player of jazz tradizion. Later, they were joined by the other guitar player, Marcella Menozzi and double bass player, Serena Fasulo. And so La Metralli was born: folk music with jazz and experimental influences.

The name La Metralli “was born out of the love for truth and frienship. An immense sense of trust brought the band to welcome both its oddity and beauty. This name carries the mistery of metal and the measure of what is in fact not measurable (metr-o/meter). "Metralli" merges together words that deal with transmutation - that is the sense of a music composed by many music: ancient music or music of the future, melancholic or ironic, folk or electric, popular or experimental - in a single word: "Avantique"!”

The band is currently on tour around Italy. Recently they have been selected amongst over 100 folk bands to take part at the Umbria Folk Festival in Orvieto. One of their song, “Prima che il vento” even featured in the third episode of the US TV series “Missing”. Their album “Del mondo che vi lascio” is a poetic concentrate of higly evocative sounds and lyrics, which you will not be able to resist. The proof of the pudding.