Are you ready to go back to school? PlayART is.

We like to be back in the classroom and to make the reopening of school a creative and enjoyable adventure for children, too, we have launched the promotion “Back to School”.

PlayART is now on sale for the price of 0.99$ instead of the usual 3.99$ starting from Monday, 10th of September until the end of the month.

For the occasion, coming soon, there will also be an update of PlayART. The new features concern mostly the “Artists’ Museum” where the artists and their artworks are now arranged in chronological order. And again: by scrolling through the paintings in the gallery, the corresponding artists’ tab at the bottom of the screen will be highlighted.

These are small improvements which make for a better learning experience. All thanks to the various reviews by bloggers and educators, as well as the comments and suggestions received by teachers, parents and children that helped us to improve PlayART.

Because we want to make sure you keep enjoying learning and creating with PlayART.

Happy back to school!