Un tavolo di frutta e colori - A table with fruits and colours by Kyla

We, Tapookers like to image that every day, somewhere in the world, there is a child creating beautiful paintings by playing with PlayART.

Those paintings are Tapook’s little treasure. Luckily, thanks to parents and teachers, who send them to us, this treasure grows every day with new exciting artworks.

To our eyes they are a very good example of PlayART’s endless possibilities for creativity.

That’s why we want to share some of them with you, beginning with the earliest ones made by the schoolchildren of the primary school “Thouar-Gonzaga” in Milan.

If you want to contribute to our treasure, then email your masterpieces to us at:

Meanwhile, to show you the marvellous creations you can make with PlayART, and in the hope that it inspires more children to new levels of creativity, here we have created our hall of fame (you can find some more here and here):

La stanza - The room by Elisa

Il bosco - The wood by Giovanni

I fiori - Flowers by Paola

Occhi su un mondo fatato - Eyes on a fairy land by Valeria

Al Luna Park - At the Luna Park by Stefania

Pere, cipolle e mele - Pears, onions and apples by Andrea

Il ponte dei colori - The colours

La tigre e la luna - The tiger and the moon by Marco

La natura - Nature by Fosca