On the 2nd of October it was PlayART’s third month anniversary.

To be featured among the 5 top apps for creative kids by USA TODAY, only two days before, has been the best present. And an important recognition.

Since its publication PlayART has received many favourable and encouraging reviews, starting with the first selection by The Guardian online and Apps Playground.

It felt hugely rewarding to receive praise from blog such as iArt4Kidz, the iPhone Mum, Teachers with Apps and Kinder Town. More than that, they have helped us thinking of new ways to improve PlayART.

One thing we Tapookers wanted since the earliest stages of PlayART was to create a new form of art-children interaction, able to challenge children’s creative process. To turn the masters’ paintings upside down was our desire as kids. Thanks to the iPad we made it happen.

What makes us happy is that most of the reviewers of PlayART so far did understand our vision and appreciate the educational value in it. We take this opportunity here to thank all of them. And all the many people who took part and contribute to PlayART (you’ll find their names in the app credits).

Three months, 2 updates and 22 reviews later, we’re now working towards the next release of PlayART: five new artists, Klimt and Modigliani, to name few, as well, as new interactive features, to bring you an even more engaging and creative experience.

Stay tuned.