PlayART Museum, our new app, is out and about!

A collection of immaginative paintings created by children with PlayART.
We find them so creative and beautiful that we decided they could not just be published in a gallery somewhere, they deserve an app of their own. So we created one.

But we also wanted children to keep playing with their creations, so we added a well known game: "Spot the Difference".
This way children exercise their sense of observation and visual comparision skills while having fun. Parents and friends can play along and compete for the highest score.

And finally: we have made it free!
Because we don't want any child, and their parents, to miss the opportunity to admire her/his PlayART painting in an app, and the fun.

We could not think of a better way to celebrate children's talent and thank them for sharing their masterpieces with us.

But this is not the end: we want to keep growing PlayART Museum collection. You can email your paintings made with PlayART at: playart [at]

They will be published on a gallery on Tapook's Facebook page to begin, and the ones with more "Like" will be added to PlayART Museum.

So, help us spreading more creativity around! Enjoy PlayART Museum.