POLI.DESIGN – Lesson with a surprise


We went back to the classrom. This time with grown-up students from the the Master in Toy design at the Poli.Design, the University Politecnico of Milan.

A stimulating and heated encounter, since the topic of tablets used as educational tools, as usual shakes minds and souls. But, anyway let’s hear what George, Founder and CEO of Tapook, has to say about the experience:

«The lesson took place in the best possible way: there were surprises, debates and sharing.

The surprises heppend right from the beginning when I asked: how many of you own an iPAD? Three out of 20 jad one. I had anticipated this scenario and decided to present a nice chapter on "The Fourth Revolution" by Gino Roncaglia.

But the claim that tablets, more specifically the iPAD, have changed communication since the invention of printing shook some of the hearts in the classroom and a debate started.

A dialogue between those who denied the usefulness of tablets and those who, in moderation, recognised them some benefit. These kinds of exchange, if constructive, usually spur new ideas.

So it was with these "students": from their questions, criticisms and observations I realised how important is to define the identity of an app, to free it from the role of e-books or so.

Today, no one discusses whether it is more useful to read a book or watch the film based on it: they are on different levels and parallels. Both enrich our leisure time, like an App. They, both, enrich our leisure time, just as some apps do.

Lastly, the sharing. At the end of the lesson one student came closer to tell me: “I’ve an idea...”.»

All that is left to do is to thank Poli.Design, Luca Fois and Anna Consolati.