RUN IN BERLIN – the trailer

Berlin left its mark. The Tapookers came back with their hands and hearts full.

Here is a sneak preview of some imagesin a video. And of those the words written by Tito Tiberti:

Berlin has two speeds. The elite runner’s and the friendly one within the space of three hours, the space of a marathon....

«15 km thinking to be running with a pace just over the two hours, but not too much.... FAST’N’EASY! Joggin along for another 27,195 km, because even when is a bad day you have to get to the finish line, show respect and honour the marathon, that medal, whose value is the same for the first and the last mile has to be deserved and hold tight in your fist, you TARTALEPRE! (turtle pacemaker!)...»

See you in December.... Good long, log slow.