The countdown has began to the start of our favourite marathon in New York!

Throughout the week leading to the race, from 28th of October to the 4th of November, “Run in New York - The Marathon Experience” for iPad, Tapook's first app, will be available at $0.99, instead of the regular $ 2.99.

Nothing better to motivate and set you in the right mood, whether you’re a first-time marathoner or an experienced one, “Run in New York” is the unmissable app for the aspiring runners of the 26.2 epic journey through the Big Apple.

To build up some anticipation and excitement, here are few numbers of what to expect from this year marathon:

more than 47,323 finishers (last year finishers);
more than 50,000 sponges;
more than 8,000 volunteers;
and an estimate 2.5 million spectators!

Unfortunately, the most inspirational runner to us, Alex Zanardi, was unfairly left out of the race because, they say “he’s too fast”! Then why let the Kenyots run the marathon or Usain Bolt run at the Olympics!? And do you remember Serhij Bubka?
Following Alex's fair deed at the 27th Venice Marathon, they lost a chance to let a real "hero" race in the Marathon in New York.

However, we're glad because there will be few friends running the marathon and reporting on the experience for us.

So, stay tuned and get “Run in New York”!