This time we went to school in the evening. with 5 iPads, the support of 5 “aliens” to meet children of all ages and nationalities. Thanks to Polifonia.

Polifonia, polyphony in English: the name itself is already an invitation to join in. The idea comes from the “Runners from Mars”, enthusiastic runners who, for the last 3 years, have been running on the streets of Milan to raise money for charities.

The project involves various Milanese associations and local institutions to bring in 10 different discticts of the city an evening of completely free activities for the people: from football (for all ages) to running, Philosophy classes, to dance and finally art workshops with the iPad.

Of course the iPads are ours! And PlayART, “polyphonic app” app for excellence, did not miss the event!
The Polifonia’s first episode “All in one night, in Stadera”, took place in the school of Via Barrili, in the Stadera neighbourhood in Milan.

To begin with, we were given the most prestigious location in the school: the refectory.
As we prepared for the children’s arrival, tables of all sort of foods and drinks were set up right in front of us. A wonderful parade of trays covered with delicious food!
Five volunteers from the “Runners from Mars”, Francesca, Angie, Rossella, Stefania e Ale, were there with us, welcoming the children, who must have been close to 50, maybe more, as they sprang up from every corner!

The workshop began with an introduction on the artits by the Chief Tapooker Giorgio, who manged with great skills to keep children’s attention despite the noise in the refectory. But he had a special assistant this time. Because of the polyphonic occasion, we took the kazoo to accompany us, which is also the instrument you hear in the PlayART’s music, composed by La Metralli.

The children divided into group took turns to create their artwork on the iPad, each group assisted by a "Martian" volunteer together with us Tapookers. Besides the many children’s heads this time there were some parent’s too, admiring their children’s creativity at work.

Of all the artists Van Gogh and Rousseau are the ones that have been most successful, followed by Cezanne, Monet, and Klee, the last. But every completed artworks, regardless of the artist, was greeted by a triumphant march improvised by the Chief Tapooker George with Kazoo.

It’s been a great evening! It gave us the opportunity to experiment with a workshop outside the classroom’s walls, in a more playful and unrestrained context, where it’s been children’s turn, this time to teach something to us!

The funds raised for the evening, € 1.500 will be used to adjust the botanical garden for school children of Via Barrili.
Sponsored by Yakult and under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan, the project also includes the support of the architect Renzo Piano, who will give to each district a real tree!

Polifonia will continue to bring together people and activities in 9 more Milanes districts. We, Tapookers will not miss a single evening!

For more information and to participate please visit the “Runners from Mars” website (in Italian only, sorry).
Here you can find more imgaes of the evening thanks to the photographer Antonio Capasso.

Finally, some paintings done by the children!
Thanks to the little artists and above all to the "Runners from Mars".