14th of November 2012: 2nd Annual Lovie Awards Winners Party, the proud Tapookers were there, too, amongst the many winners to celebrate their Silver Award for PlayART!

What a wonderful celebration evening! And a great occasion to meet so many talents representing the web and digital excellence made in Europe, among glamorous cocktails and elegant canapé in the splendid scenario of St. Luke’s Church, in London.

The evening started with the recording of our acceptance speech: “The Declaration of Lovie”, a 5 seconds speech, trademark of the Lovie Awards that has to contain the word “Love”.
We got away with 19 seconds and a sketch under the sign of creativity!
The speech is dear to us also because is the first and only time we hold our deserved Silver Award. You can get a glimpse of it here.

Off we went to the Party!
To welcome us inside the magnificient venue of St Luke’s Church, an 18th century church restored to become the home of the London Symphony Orchestra, there was a beautiful crowd of Eurotech creatives, excellent music and an impressive display of classy cocktails.
But not enough food!
Now you could comment this by saying that we Italians like to eat, but to be able to grab one of those tiny delicious canapé, proved to be almost as difficult as getting our Silver Award! But we made it! Here is the proof:

Happy Tapookers showing tiny hamburgers appetizers as trophies!

Meanwhile on stage, hosts Heydon Prowse and Joylon Rubisten, opened the award ceremony with the special awards and lifetime achievements. Superb speech by Stephen Fry's, about Twitter, and social medias in general, being all about sincerity and art and science as being one because they are human!

Stephen Fry’s delivering his inspirational speech

But nothing was more human and sincere than the smile of Professor Heinz Gerhäuser, inventor of the MP3, brandishing his lifetime achievement award to the cheering crowd.

Professor Heinz Gerhäuser with Imogen Heap, celebrates his award with the crowd (From the Lovie Awards on Flickr

Besides the prize-giving the evening was also an occasion to meet the other Lovie Winners: to begin with the effervescent guys from Bubble Pix, Tom Lawton and Peter Corke, who showed us the Bubblescope. We reciprocate by showing PlayART to them.

Amongst the many winners we also had the pleasure to meet Michelle Goff , from Discovery, generous of precious advice, and Marco Camisani Calzolari, judge at the Lovie Awards and authour of the recent book “Escape from Facebook”.

Finally, Thanks to Nicolas Roope, who kindly paid for a cab, we made it to the after-party in Shoreditch. There we ended the evening talking to an enthusiastic group of young developers who have an idea for an app on predicting the future, because knowing the future is the one thing people really want these days...

Talking about the future: will we ever get our award!?

We are winners, even without our trophy, proud to have partecipated to the event and brought Tapook and PlayART in the midst of so many great talents.
Above all we are grateful to those who have recognised the value of PlayART and voted for us to win the People’s Lovie Award, too.

Thank you!

But now give us our Reward!

The Silver Award! (from the Lovie Awards on Flickr)

More pictures here!