PlayART meets Artkids!

Ah, the joys of internet!
What a wonderful feeling when you find people on the net who share your same ideas and passions.
We’re talking of Artkids, a cultural project designed to trasform a child trip to a museum into a a creative experience packed with fun activities.
The project in question is made of a kit, kept into a tiny schoolbag, with 25 activity-cards and wax crayons.
Just like PlayART, it stimulates creativity and enables children to learn about painters and their artworks while playing.

Parents, or carers, should be the children’s playmates in this journey of discovery. Because there is nothing better for children than to play with an adult, who can enrich and further stimulate the creativie experience. Similarly, the adult discovers art through the eye of the child.

Creator of this wonderful tiny schoolbag, is in fact a mother, or by her won definition, a "digital mom": Martina Fuga, art curator and the sole director of Artkids. A mother very attentive and active in the field of new digital content aimed at children. In her quest for quality applications, able to teach something to children, she found PlayART and contacted us.

The project has impressed us so much that we decided to invite Martina to our office.
The meeting was very interesting and full of stimuli. Artkids looks even more beautiful in real and the affinities with PlayART appeared more evident.
One thing lead to another. We will keep you updated on the future outcomes of this encounter.

Meanwhile, do not miss Artkids at the Renoir exhibition in Pavia, on until December 16th!