Here's a great news! PlayART is currently featured on three App Stores: USA, Canada and Australia!

We have been on the Australia app store for almost a month now, and then this morning we found out about the other two!
It's a wonderful feeeling!
What makes us even happier is that on all three stores, PlayART features in the "Let's get creative" section! Yeah!

We take this opportunity to thank the children and their parents, and teachers, who keep showing their appreciation for PlayART, by writing to us and leaving great reviews like the one in the picture.

PlayART's mission to promote and foster creativity, continues with our next app, PlayARTX'MAS, which will be soon released in the app store! You can have a sneak peek here.

Until then, stay tuned, who knows what more is going to happen until the 21 of December!