A year ago we started to work at PlayART: it all began from an idea, lots of notes and one goal. Then followed constructive exchanges of ideas and unexpected sharing experiences, mistakes and revisions. The whole has been accompanied by a healthy fear: will children like PlayART?

Six months later, from the first release of PlayART, children’s reply is: “Yes, we do!”.

In order to listen to their comments, we visited various classrooms in primary schools around Milan: Thour-Gonzaga, Palmieri, Albairate.

We also visited families, here and abroad. We met children who do not have an iPad, children whose mothers are painters or teachers and children who have never been to a museum.

We went there looking for the most rewarding prize: children's attention and approval.

We won one, two, three times, but they were “grown-up” prizes.

Now, give way to children’s hands or at least send us their advice.

Thank you, with a smile and a hug.