Whoopsie daisy!
One year has gone by already since the launch of PlayART by Tapook.
We have met a lot of kids of primary schools in the meanwhile and we have let them playing with the app as much as they wanted. We have asked teachers and parents to use it, to shake it, to put it to the test! We are happy as it has been appreciated for both its educational and playful approach to art. But their feedback has been very helpful to further implement PlayART.
Now the app has been renewed and developed with more features: you can actually paint with your fingers straight on the canvas, there are more painters to play with and so many new features to discover!
The launch of PlayART MASTERS, with eight master painters will be ready on July,1.

And, one more thing... is a website entirely dedicated to apps which let you discover art through play and creativity. You will also find a small museum dedicated to young artists, and videos which will teach you tips and tell stories.
Ready to PlayART?