Nice to meet you.

We are a group of curious and unconventional professionals, coming from a wide range of sectors, with a strong faith in the changes occuring within the publishing world through new contaminations and collaborations.

Tapook was founded by Giorgio Fipaldini, entrepeneur and interpreter of digital languages for 15 years. Tapook grows thanks to the contribution of partners and collaborators chosen with a holistic vision: importance is given to the relations amongst the parties, rather than to the mechanics of the whole.

 “It is not enough to bring together an authour, a developer and a graphic designer to create a good digital product. It is fundamental to build a dialogue amongst all the players to pursue a single goal.” Giorgio Fipaldini


What we think

We think that the best as yet to come.

We think that innovation is positive: it opens up new horizons.

We think that digital technology has widened the prospects of the publishing world.

We are at the start of a new dialogic form of language: the multi-touch. A language which is changing education and entertainment paradigms. A language which can be listened to, but also watched, and most importantly discovered with your fingers.

We thought of a name able to describe this evolution between interactivity and book, readers and contents. We found it: Tapook. “Tapook is a fusion of two English words: the action “tap” and the subject “book”. The name also wants to represent our balance between two worlds: the printed and the digital.

We do not imagine a future without books. But we are aware of the transformations within the publishing world: “Printed books, as it happened with the radio, will find their niche in the market with an increased quality of their contents. E-books will take over the majority of the published titles, improving the sustainability of the publishing industry.

While, through entertainment apps we will witness the birth of new art form.


What we create

We were the first to bring Vang Gogh’s sunflowers to the curious fingers of children. We were not the first to introduce tablets to the Italian schools. But we were the first, once more, to believe that the bookshops of the future will be the favourite places for those, like the digital natives, who love new forms of reading. We design, produce and publish digital contents by interpreting old and new themes through the language of the multi-touch technology. PlayART has been our first app: and educational and creative game which wants to bring children closer to art while stimulating their immagination. Following several awards and recognitions, we believe we have suceeded.


  • Giorgio Fipaldini  Founder, CEO - Linkedin
  • Vincenzo Pantuso iOS Developer
  • Gisella Bianchi  Video Maker - Linkedin
  • Marco Benassi Sport Consultant Editor - Linkedin
  • Isabella Pingitore Translator and editor