Do you want to know more about the animals?

This zoo is a very special one, where animals are made from their first letter. Children can play with the animals and with the individual letters, turning them upside down, flipping them around, or on their sides. Through play toddlers will learn and memorize the forms and sounds of letters as well as those of animals.

Ants are social insects.

Their lives are made up of hard work and cooperation.

They are small but very strong.

They can lift things that are ten times their own weight.

Butterfly means “Soul” or “mind” in ancient Greek. A single butterfly may have 49,999 brothers and sisters!

Now the Zoo is open to your imagination. Create your own animal, give it a name and a voice! That will make it a never ending adventure!


My name is Orith, and I’m a graphic designer.

As a child I often went to the zoo so I thought it would be nice to create one myself.

Together with Giorgio who’s the founder of  TAPOOK, Anna, who gave life to the animals,  Marzia who gave them the voice and Vincenzo the developer who put all the pieces together, AppToZoo has become a concrete dream!