Create your artist's Christmas Tree

Enjoy a creative Holiday Season with PlayART X’MAS!

In this family-friendy and creative app, you can decorate a Christmas Tree and turn it into a real work of art!

But instead of the usual garlands, ribbons and lights, PlayART X’MAS offers you a unique assortment of very colourful artistic decorations by by Picasso, Klimt, Warhol, Dalì and many more!

Choose an artist's tree

Start playing by selecting the tree you want to decorate. There are six (3 to begin, 3 more in an app-purchase) to choose from, all inspired by the artworks of Bruno Munari, Gustav Klimt, Keith Haring, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and René Magritte.

Many artistic decorations

Now, just have fun decorating your tree!

There are many decorations to use a and artists to discover! 26 icons (6 to begin, 20 more can be unlock in an app-purchase) with the art of ten of the most important artists in the world:

⁍ Keith Haring

⁍ Vasilij Kandinskij

⁍ Gustav Klimt

⁍ Renè Magritte

⁍ Joan Mirò

⁍ Piet Mondrian

⁍ Bruno Munari

⁍ Pablo Picasso

⁍ Andy Warhol

⁍ Salvador Dalì

You can zoom in or out, put in the front or at the back, delete or undo if you make a mistake and arrange them as you like on your Christmas tree!

There are no rules or time limits, it’s your Christmas tree, so let your imagination run free and have fun making the most amazing and creative combinations!

In addition, you can play at guessing the artist behind every icon! Find them in the Info section of the app, if you get stuck.

Finally, select a background. Choose between day or night, and save your creation by tapping on the "photo" icon. Your Artist’s Christmas tree will be saved in the iPad Photo Library for printing or sharing later.

The Free version of PlayART X’MAS includes 3 trees and 6 artistic decorations to begin with. All other elements can be easily downloaded in a single in-app purchase inside the app.