When Art becomes child's play

Play, learn and create your work of art with elements taken from the original paintings of five important artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, Henri Rousseau and Paul Klee.

Recreate the original painting or have fun composing your own masterpiece.
Free the artist in you!

PlayART is an educational app which introduces children and grown-ups alike to the world of art in a stimulating and fun way.

Now create your own painting

There are many shapes and styles to discover!
More than 100 elements and 25 canvasses, from the artists’ original paintings, to choose from.

Tap, drag and resize the elements on the iPad screen however you like.

You can also duplicate them, or mirror, lock, bring to the front or send to the back, thanks to a practical and easy to use functions menu.

Select the elements you like the most as your favorites to combine them from several or all the artists.
Let your creativity loose!

Look at some beautiful paintings created with PlayART.

Save your artwork in “My Museum” with a title and your name. PlayART makes it easy for you to share it with friends on Facebook.

Or save your creation to your iPad photo gallery to print it or email it to your friends.

Finally get inspired in the "Artists Museum" where you can find their original paintings.

Meet the Artists

Every artist has his story!

Watch the videos to discover the lives of the painters, narrated by a child, with fun animated illustrations.

Watch the video tutorial of PlayART