Run in New York



The first book app for iPad and iPhone on the World's greatest marathon through the streets of New York

Experience the emotions of this unique race. Tap on the route interactive map, scroll through a gallery of exclusive pictures and videos, and discover about the world's largest and most exciting marathon.

Written in a humorous style by a first-time marathoner, George Fipa, “Run in New York” brings the marathon experience to life and makes for inspirational reading to aspiring runners who want to live this marathon.

To motivate those who haven’t yet run it,
and for those who want to relive the thrill of a lifetime” 
George Fipa

”Run in New York – The Marathon Experience” is not authorized or endorsed by the New York Road Runners.

Watch The Tutorial of Run in New York

The Map

“Run in New York” is more than just a reading experience. Zoom on the interactive map to explore the marathon route along the city’s five districts. Tap on the miles to find information and useful tips on how to approach it.

The Book

The book offers another way of reading. Texts and photos take you through a journey of discovery. Read about some of the stories and the protagonists which have made the history of this Marathon.

The Gallery

The marathon comes alive thanks to the images and the videos in the app’s gallery. Enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of the lively public in New York, who together with the runners, turn the marathon into a big city party.